Solution Manual for Fraud Examination, 5th Edition by Albrecht

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Solution Manual for Fraud Examination, 5th Edition by Albrecht

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Description Solution Manual for Fraud Examination, 5th Edition by Albrecht Table of Contents 1. The Nature of Fraud. 2. Who Commits Fraud and Why. 3. Fighting Fraud: An Overview. 4. Preventing Fraud. 5. Recognizing the Symptoms of Fraud. 6. Data-Driven Fraud Detection 7. Investigating Theft Acts. 8. Investigating Concealment. 9. Conversion Investigation Methods. 10. Inquiry Methods and Fraud Reports. 11. Financial Statement Fraud. 12. Revenue- and Inventory-Related Financial Statement Frauds. 13. Liability, Asset, and Inadequate Disclosure Frauds. 14. Fraud Against Organizations. 15. Consumer Fraud. 16. Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Tax Fraud. 17. e-Commerce Fraud. 18. Legal Follow-Up.

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