Test Bank for Accounting, 9th Edition by John Hoggett

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Test Bank for Accounting, 9th Edition by John Hoggett

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DescriptionTest Bank for Accounting, 9th Edition by John Hoggett Table of Contents 1 Decision making and the role of accounting 2 Financial statements for decision making 3 Recording transactions 4 Adjusting the accounts and preparing financial statements 5 Completing the accounting cycle â€?closing and reversing entries 6 Accounting for retailing 7 Accounting systems 8 Accounting for manufacturing 9 Cost accounting systems 10 Cash management and control 11 Cost–volume–profit analysis for decision making 12 Budgeting for planning and control 13 Performance evaluation for managers 14 Differential analysis, profitability analysis and capital budgeting 15 Partnerships: formation, operation and reporting 16 Companies: formation and operations 17 Regulation and the Conceptual Framework 18 Receivables 19 Inventories 20 Non-current assets: acquisition and depreciation 21 Non-current assets: revaluation, disposal and other aspects 22 Liabilities 23 Presentation of financial statements 24 Statement of cash flows 25 Analysis and interpretation of financial statements

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